Make your Child’s Party Special with Printable Birthday Games

Let’s Party!

You can plan a birthday party that both your child and you can enjoy. The birthday kid will enjoy their big day, and you will enjoy the smiles – and even the work that goes into planning it. It’s easier than you might think. No stress, just fun!

Birthday Party Philosophy 101

Before we party, let’s wax philosophical.

The party is NOT about us, the parents. It’s about the birthday kids. I’m sorry if that seems elemental, but it’s a concept that I had to embrace after stressing out about a four year old’s party. This is what I learned: four year olds pretty much don’t care how fancy the party is, they just want one. So in subsequent years I decided to relax and have discovered a whole new stress free version of party planning that works even now that my kids are older.
Home Sweet Home

Every store, restaurant and entertainment center offers easy birthday party options – for a price . The birthday party ideas listed here bring the birthday party back to home sweet home and consequently lets you keep some extra cash at home sweet home.

Homemade Trade (Up)

There’s a saying “you either pay time or you pay money.” Usually you save time by paying for convenience or you pay with time by saving money on homemade. I’d like to suggest that you don’t have to pay very much of either to have a birthday party your girl will enjoy. There are money saving parties that are not time intensive.

“Keep it simple, sweetie.” Don’t try to impress the other moms with your kid’s birthday party. It’s not about you, it’s about the birthday kid. Keeping it simple and hitting the highlights listed below will make you both happy. If it stesses you out, don’t do it. What kid wants a stressed out adult running the show? Keep it simple.
Party Basics

To have a successful birthday party, these are the things you must have:

1.A Limit
The number of friends invited will impact the expense of the party. Communicate the limit to the birthday child and his or her expectations will not be disappointed.

Once you’ve chosen a limit of guests, you know the number of invitations to send out. Store bought invites are easy, but I love encouraging my children to be creative. With a scanner it’s easy to duplicate their artwork and then with an office suite program, it’s simple to type in the info next to her drawing. Not only is it creative, but it’s personal (and cheap!).

3.Basic Decorations
Things such as balloons and streamers to let people know that this is not just any ordinary day.

If you are having a theme party, save money by having one theme item (such as the plates, or even just a balloon) and have the rest of the paper goods be coordinating solid colors.
4.Birthday Cake / Cupcakes
Besides the presents, this is the most exciting part of the party. It’s when everyone sings to the birthday child and focuses all their attention on them.

Homemade cakes are inexpensive. Decorative frosting is easy to use, but too many colors & you might as well have bought a store made cake. Use simple white frosting and add food coloring to it, then put it in a plastic bag with a corner cut off. It works well, is cheap & you can have multiple colors for the cost of one.

Another option is to have the parties decorate their own birthday cupcakes. My children and their friends LOVE this. I love it too because I don’t have to decorate a cake (saves me time). I just whip up some different colors of frosting & put them out in bowls along with some candies.

5.An Activity
This could be a game or a craft. Have one to do and a back up planned just in case things go faster than you planned and the friends’ rides aren’t coming for another 15 minutes. Usually, though, the kids entertain themselves, so no stress here.

Some basic craft ideas: decorate a frame & put a photo of the parties in the frame for them to take home, paint a mini-pumpkin, make a door hanger.

Some easy party games: Cake Walk, Balloon Stomp, Pinata, Coloring Pages.

6.Goodie Bags
These are a necessary expense. These little friends got your child a nice birthday present, so it would be nice of you to give them a little something to take home too. No need to go crazy on cost of the goodies, just be sure to have one for each friend who was nice enough to come.

A zip-loc bag with candy inside will do the trick. Add whatever else you want according to your budget. Decorate the bag with stickers that coordinate with the party theme.

7. Thank You Cards
Again, acknowledge the gift and teach your child the wonderful qualities of thankfulness and politeness. These can be handmade for a personal touch and to keep costs down. Address the thank you card when you address the invitations to make things easier.

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